Pure Moroccan Argan oil

semi di argania spinoza
Our Argan Oil is original from Morocco and it is 100% pure, coming with ECOCERT certification, guarantee completely organic. The Argan Oil you will find for sale on our web site is hypoallergenic because it has not been chemically modified, does not contain perfumes, colorants or preservatives. 

The pressing techniques is still processed nowadays using traditional procedures, an artisanal proceeding, accurate, unhurried, and we import it directly from Morocco. Its tradition is millennial: for centuries Argan oil has hydrated and protected the skin of many Arab women, from the aggression of sun and from the harsh desert environment.

Argan Oil has always been used in the traditional medicine, for its extraordinary cicatrizing properties, it facilitates the healing process of burns, appeases and reduces skin redness, also caused by eczema and it helps as well in the treatment of juvenile acne.
Argan oil has a wide range of therapeutic benefits, you are welcomed to find out more in our blog.

This oil performances prodigious healing and soothing effects, and they have been demonstrated by meticulous scientific studies, which have proven Argan Oil to be naturally rich of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin F, linoleic acid, essential fatty acids, omega 3 and 6.

Our high quality Oil is 100% pure and certificated!
USDA OrganicECO Cert
If you haven’t tried it yet, you can purchase the smallest package, 30ml, and begin to appreciate all the benefits of Argan Oil.