Panorama Marocco Samsara Bio
logo Samsara BioSamsara Bio is a very ambitious project, which was born during a trip to Marrakech.
Our aim is to make people, and especially women, aware of the exceptional properties of Morocco’s natural products.

These products are literally beauty elixirs, completely free of preservatives and chemicals, with a high soothing potential for our skin, which often suffers from a recurring abuse of petrolatum contained in our traditional cosmetics.

Those are the reasons why we have chosen to make a big step into the world of natural skin care. This is a dream came true, to give every woman the opportunity to enjoy the phenomenal efficacy and tradition of natural Moroccan skin remedies.

Our products come directly from Morocco, 100% pure and then they are bottled and packaged in Italy, on board of health legislations. They are totally in compliance with the up to date European regulation 1223/2009.

Samsara Bio takes its moves from these products’ pureness, a mediation between the Arab world and the European one, dedicated to all women willing to preserve their beauty in a healthy and natural way.