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Characteristic of pure Argan Oil

In order to benefit the highest results for your skin, it is essential for you to prefer a pure Argan oil.

Here are the main features revealing the pureness of this precious Oil.

COLOUR: If oil is too liquid and yellowy, it is most probably of low quality. Instead if it is pale yellow, it means the oil has been refined or mixed with other oils, compromising his precious elements.
Pure Argan Oil has to be rigorously bottled in glass bottles, so that its precious properties are not altered and colour and texture can be easily examined.

TEXTURE: The perfect texture is not too thick, but velvety, almost like a serum. Argan Oil is not oily on the skin, and it is absorbed immediately. A few drops are enough for a good hydration.

PERFUME: Unlike you may think, pure Argan oil does not smell: his natural odor fades a few seconds after application. If it is persistent, it means its quality is low or that it is mixed with other oils.

PROVENIENCE: Be sure the production of the raw material comes from Females Cooperatives, approved by Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture and that it is Certified Organic IGP. Furthermore, check that once imported in Italy, any additives or preservatives are added, so that the oil can preserve its natural pureness and all its properties.
The best before date of pure oils is 12 months, distrust of longer lasting oils, the only ingredient has to be Argania Spinosa kernel oil.



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