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Donate a moment of wellbeing

This Christmas chose to pamper your beloved ones, with a 100% pure product, for a moment of wellbeing and body care. Samsara Bio Moroccan Argan Oil enshrines the tradition and the very essence of Moroccan women’s beauty, all in one precious oil: it hydrates, elasticize, and prevents wrinkles, while protecting from atmospheric agents. In fact it is used to protect the skin from the arid environment of the desert.
Argan oil is an essential ally for the hydration of body, face, and hair, it is fast absorbed and it is not oily on the skin. It leaves the skin nourished and shiny, without the need of other creams or products.

Samsara Bio Argan oil has only one ingredient: Argania Spinosa kernel oil, without additives, preservatives or perfumes. It can be used on any skin type and is an efficacious anti-age treatment. It protects the skin from external agents, such as cold, wind and pollution, and the consequent dehydration.

The luxury packaging with dispenser doses the right amount for a comfortable, no waste, application. It is perfect as a Christmas gift, for mums, grandmas and girls, as they will discover the protection and hydration in one product, organic and certified, entirely produced in Morocco and bottled in Italy, rigorously in glass confections.

Take advantage of our offers and donate the 30ml package, delivered in a Christmas gift package.

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