Olio di Argan puro 30ml
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The extraordinary efficacy and the convenience of only one product for face, body and hair.

Argan Oil is a proper beauty elixir, for its amazing qualities: its efficacy  is extraordinary, and it is now known in the Western world as well, being a unique product for amazing results in body care.

The skin will benefit from Argan Oil use, as it can performance a deep hydrating action, until the very last epidermis layer. It can keep your skin tonic and elastic, appeases and prevents the formation of wrinkles, massaged onto the face, it is a valid substitute to day and night creams as well as eye area serums.

It nourishes dry and damaged hair, giving them smoothness and shine, while protecting them from stressing heat sources, UV radiations, sea water and helps in eliminating dandruff  and peeling of the scalp.
It keeps the lips hydrated and protected and is a valid help for fragile nails.

Argan Oil is a true ally in maintaining the beauty of skin and hair, in a completely natural way, for it has not been chemically tretated and can be used by people with allergies issues, as it does not contain allergens and for these reasons, it is a valid product to use on delicate babies’ and children’s skin.

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Olio di argan samsara bio